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With an astounding $26 billion investment from the National Industrial Development Centre (NIDC) and Vision 2030's ambitious goal to triple GDP within the industrial sector, the kingdom is poised to propel its industrial capacity to new heights. This substantial commitment to growth sets the stage for remarkable opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has unveiled that these investment opportunities in the machinery and equipment sector will be across key segments such as Construction, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Mining, or Retrofit industries and much more, presenting lucrative avenues for investment and collaboration.

Saudi Machinery Expo, happening from 2nd to 4th September 2024 will be at the epicenter of monumental growth in the machinery and equipment sector – providing you with the platform to showcase your innovations, forge valuable partnerships, and tap into the immense potential of the Saudi market.


Why Saudi Arabia?

With strong government support, rising demand, and rapid technological advancements, the machinery industry in Saudi Arabia is poised for exponential growth.

$26 bn

Expected in projects & opportunities from the Kingdom's National Industrial Strategy.

(Source: National Industrial Development Centre)

$738 mn

in investment into industrial cities in 2023 from over 67 countries including Egypt, Jordan, India, the US & the UK.

(Source: GASTAT)

7.5% growth

Growing by 7.5% annually, the Kingdom is localizing its value chains to reduce import dependence.

(Source: Fast Company)

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge products to the rapidly growing Saudi Arabian Factory and Machinery industry. With Vision 2030's ambitious goal to triple GDP within the industrial sector, Construction, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Mining, and retrofit industries are all in need of innovative solutions to keep up with the increasing demand.

Meet the who's who in the machinery market.

We enable you to build business relationships that will reap long-term benefits with decision-makers including:

Features to attract high-level purchasers


Tech Arena

Step into the future of machines at our exclusive "Tech Arena." This specialized area is dedicated to showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge technological advancements from businesses within the industry.


Product Demos

As an exhibitor, draw visitors in with live product demos on the show floor! Bring your innovative products closer to the buyers in this hands-on environment, allowing more engagement with potential customers.


Center Stage

Your 15 minutes in the lime light! A slot and a chance to let your company soar as you demonstrate your product, its unique features, and benefits, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers, partners, and industry influencers.

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